Nishat Farhana and Fariha Rahman

Photos, 2024


Queens & Brooklyn


Growing up in a lively city where there’s always so much going on and so little of silence, at times we crave something for ourselves even in between the buzz of the city. We crave a sense of nothingness and silence. We look for a place where we can utterly be in our minds, absorbed in our thoughts, and imaginations, creating worlds that clash with our reality. This becomes a place where we are what we dream about. A place where we can truly express ourselves. A place where we can make our daydreams a “reality”. This can bring us the silence and the nothingness that we crave so often, fulfilling it to give us a sense of worth, a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of belonging. 

 Fariha Rahman and Nishat Farhana’s Intertwined combines their real-world surroundings with their own definition of fantasy, creating a reality that their imagination lives in. Fariha and Nishat use pictures they have taken of places closest to them in physical distance and their hearts, edited and collaged to portray their fantasy world. The result is an alternate NYC focusing on Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.